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Renee watched from their window
he alighted from the stairs
across the pathway into the darkness
night shift awaited him
loneliness approached
for her

She pulled the singlet slowly
beneath her pregnant torso
her breasts hindering vision
of her fingers further on
as one swollen stomach
gazed further out
I miss you already
she whispered to the night

Laying in bed
knees firmly upright
ankles wide apart
feet now firmly
upon their unmade bed

Renee gazed upward
to the lengthy plate glass mirror
down into her love hole
her wanton lust filled head

If only he had fucked her
she thought now
musing aloud
if only he had taken me
she whispered
none to proud

With a stomach somewhat bloated
her hormones all out of whack
the last thing she often felt like
was hopping upon her back
yet tonight she yearned for more
than what the future would bring
tonight she needed her lover
to lay within her skin

Kissing her all but slowly
upon her fingertips
caressing her warm soft breasts
before loving up her lips

She needed his strong hard muscles
to open her once again
reigniting her pleasure
turning her buttons to send

A tingle beneath her spine
to where her hunger sat
she needed him to return
to lick her Kitty Kat