Women and erotica

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

In this series (within the 130 authors survey), I’ll be sharing women’s views on exploring sexuality through fiction. Which themes tug to be unravelled and explored? What motivates us, challenges us, empowers us – as readers and as writers?

Women are not only the predominant readers of erotica but form the lion’s remittance-girl-erotic-fiction-author-quoteshare of authors; volumes of both are on the up, up, up.

More of us than ever are letting rip on the page, opening up our sexual imagination (blessed are the pseudonyms) and committing it to book form. As we know, when it comes to erotic fantasy, it’s no fun unless you’re sharing.

Women continue to face battle after battle for equal rights, respect and recognition, across every sphere imaginable, but when it comes to erotic fiction, our feet are firmly under the table.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we’re stepping into an age where we’ll have the freedom to read…

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