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During the past week I had the opportunity to read a fellow Goodreads author Nick Shaw’s first two offerings. Enjoy my reviews….



Joshua’s Awakening : A young African’s Encounters with mature Englishwomen, by Nick Shaw


A Review by Sasha Holden


“Joshua’s awakening” is an intriguing read that is as much about interrelations as it is about a young man’s sexual awakening. Joshua, a young man of Gambian descent finds himself in Newcastle England at an Anglican Boys home where nothing seems to be going to plan. His accommodation and apprenticeship have fallen through and he appears doomed to follow in the footsteps of his mother Anama, whom he frowns upon for performing the duties of a cook in a restaurant. Enter the mature blond canteen lady at the Anglican home Shirley Low, and all of a sudden this young virulent well-endowed African males blood begins to pump. Joshua’s adolescent problems soon dissipate as sexual tension greets the air. Before long Joshua’s flame for mature blond English women is ignited as he meets the recently widowed Gillian. During her marriage to Bob she rarely had orgasms and her recent participation at a lingerie party with girlfriends, together with the rabbit vibrator that ensued, revealed her hidden desire to sleep with a Black Adonis. Before long her brief encounter with Joshua has her fantasizing about having him inside her.

However Joshua’s journey toward manhood is not without angst. Aside from his ever depressing financial predicament, coupled with the lack of a secure residence, he must soon come to the realization that physical intimacy is more often than not far removed from emotional intimacy. Whether it is Susan, the young blond assistant in the French corner grocery store, or the mature and married store owner Laura, with her sexy green eyes and red hair, Englishwoman are reticent to be seen with young black men, let alone be intimate with them. “Why are all the English women Joshua meets wanting to keep him as their little secret,” he ponders. Even the forthright prostitute with whom he endeavors to lose his virginity, would appreciate it if he uses the discreet exit, to ensure no one sees him in her company. Yet after exploits as a male gigolo for an upmarket white courtesan, a brief dalliance with a drug affected lover and several violent encounters with disparaging young white males of similar age, Joshua begins to awaken his own sexual awareness. He recognizes that sexual connection can be achieved through understanding what it is that turns not only you on, but your partner on.

The journey from adolescence through to manhood is difficult for many young men, as they search for their sexuality in an often uncompromising world. Yet Joshua’s awakening is made all the more difficult in a class based society where race is a primary motivator within people’s lives. The story has a broad appeal, to the young adult reader who is keen to explore their own sexual trysts, through the eyes of another, to the mature reader, who has more often than not fantasized about a rendezvous with a young African male. Shaw manages to crossover that fine line between telling a story worth reading, and reading an erotic tale. That’s not to rule out an erotic tale with a sense of sensuality, with the potential for a romantic ending, for those willing to take the journey through “Joshua’s awakening”.




The Film Stars Dark Secret, by Nick Shaw


A Review by Sasha Holden


Blond movie star Missy is set to launch an even more successful career in Hollywood when her integrity is brought into line by Martin Grover, the then boss of MGA, in a meeting with her manager Jake Bronstein. It’s the 1960’s, and LA is infatuated with none other than the stars of the day. Does the public gossip columnist Rona Barret have a scoop that could derail Missy’s Hollywood plans? Could it be true? Was Missy seen having lunch with the star black boxer Jackson Coots? Were they indeed having an affair?

As a fledgling actress in the embryonic stages of her career Missy needs money. Back then in the 60’s, one way to make it was to pose as a nude photo model for black males who “got their rocks off” at the sight of white women. Before long she graduated from searching for money as a photo model to securing a gig as a pro. Yet coincidentally her world was flipped upside down as a consequence. $1,000 dollars later and she had made love to a black man for the first time, only to find her orgasm was as intense as when she had touched herself. The public taboo of a sexual tryst with a black man made it all the more exciting for her.

Twenty years later enter the 22 year old stud Jason. The young black employee of the PR agency handling the promotion of Missy’s film has done his homework on his blond MILF co-star Missy’s past. “So why did she leave Hollywood all those years earlier,” he pondered?

This tense read from Shaw is once again filled with all the twists and turns commensurate with his unique writing style. Once again we are drawn into the interracial tension between the mature blond lead and her curious young black stud. Jason changed his idea of sex with a white woman forever and the young man soon discovered the best feelings were when lust and emotions combined to give a sensual high. The appeal cuts both ways, as we endear ourselves to the sexy young Jason, in search of his own sexuality, whilst at the same time identifying with Missy, the sensuous blond siren in search of her past. Of what might have been.