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The first remnants of gravel
levelled out beneath his tyres
lights shone through the curtains
into Jessie’s living room
as she sat
legs outstretched
to hear the gauze door slam
boots aside
his blonde mop
angling within her gate
one kiss
meeting her open lips
as two moths played with the veranda light
in tune with the porch’s want
for nothing but solitude
away from the dance
the clutter
the bustle

The dinner table lay quiet
as he ate
with fork and knife at one
the gentle flow of his fingers
in then out of her work
her well prepared meal
for him

The bed appeared somewhat cold
holding Jess he dreamed
of reaching into tonight
to grab then feast upon her heart
to lye within her love
deep inside her night
where the evening candle flickered
shining against their love
opening a narrow pathway
toward the evening sky above

Whereupon he would ride arm in arm
in tune with his lovers soul
he died then went to heaven
as his dream did rapidly unfold
Love me forever Jess
clinging to her every breath
I’ll love you forever
she replied
my gorgeous
my beautiful