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Beth could hear the cab door close
the outside light came on
it had been weeks since she had seen him
practically a month he’d been gone
he rolled the suitcase forward
then climbed upon their bed
t’was the middle of the night
as he laid the jacket down
before untying his forlorn tie
then unbuttoning his tired shirt
as he unbuckled his belt
then pulled his pants down low
peeling off his shoes
to lay flat upon his back
his mind beginning to glow
he leaned across then kiss her
gently upon her cheek
as peeling off his shoes
Beth came forth to speak
“I’ve missed you, gorgeous darling”
she whispered toward his brow
“let me love you darling
let me show you how’

Beth straddled his exposed legs
to lower his boxers down
licking around his shaft
kissing toward his knob
slowly encircling his ridge
to totally engulf his rod
sucking his manhood in
to afford him extra length
she grasped his beautiful cock
closing her lips with strength
her tongue soon felt some moisture
his warm and wet pre cum
quickly she lifted southwards
his rod against her bum
then rising even higher Beth parted her eager lips
massaging between her pinkness
as she gently spread her hips
“Fuck that feels good” she whispered
as she slid on down his pole
grinding across his vein
to smother then fill her hole
bending over she caressed
his nipples with her smooth mouth
then arching back up she straightened
to ride his hungry cock
up then down she slid
her wetness keen to escape
moaning as she went
unbuttoning her cape

Pushing her exposed breasts higher
then drawing them closer in
he pushed up even higher
his eye deep in her skin
Beth felt a sudden quiver
a pulsating bursting rush
squeezing her warm juice out
in a slithering liquid gush
it was too much for her man
he squirted high up on high
exploding out three weeks of lust
with an anxious heartfelt cry
“I’ve missed you too my darling
I’ve needed to feel your love
Thank you my darling Beth
Thank you my beautiful love”

Holding each other as the lights wandered
in then out of their room
the waves moved further out
driven by a peaceful moon
Beth nestled upon his neck
her cheekbones peaceful and calm
meandering her way toward sleep
inside his soft loving arm