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Elizabeth…or Liz as she was known to her friends
felt a bit dirty
the shopping centre moment was hardly her finest hour
her mother, a diligent Presbyterian
had raised to be a lady
fingering herself in a toilet cubicle
deep inside a shopping centre
could not be referred to as lady like
she had not orgasmed or even really released any juice
but the thought of the transaction stayed with her
the windows of the bus only protecting her from those outside
not from her thoughts within
as the bus continued on its merry way home
ambling through afternoon traffic
on an otherwise beautiful spring day

Liz thought of Eric
her crotch stirred beneath her ripped stocking
what would she wear?
she needed to turn him on…and in a hurry
Liz’s feelings this time were too strong to let him slip away
as boys had done in the past
her inaction on the sex front had been noticeable
but she was a year older now
and this was Mr. Right
not some gay lame bloke that just wanted to get in her pants
this was the real item
as her father would say
Liz would definitely put her new black lace bra on
she had three thongs in mind
perhaps the new purple and pink Ann Summers thong
suited the occasion
her pussy was neatly trimmed
with almost a V at its surface
the thong had a V cut out around the waist
she thought
to lure him into her bedroom



Liz was by no means experienced
okay…she had had sex before
but the experience was far from enlightening
she had no real idea what to do
let alone what to say
having sex with a college boy half drunk after the school prom
Wow Liz you’re so experienced
she thought to herself ashamedly
you really shot the ball out of the park
as her Dad would say
she hadn’t even sucked a boys cock
she wasn’t scared to do so
she knew boys liked it
or at least that’s what her girlfriends had said
it was just that she didn’t know how to do it
as she had never had the opportunity to do it before
now she had that opportunity
and she wasn’t going to let it slip
from her tight, wanton grasp

Liz alighted from the bus
her shopping bag in hand
the black lace bra
ready for its first outing
well, second I suppose if you take selfies into account
within minutes she was at the door
ringing her doorbell
there he was
the absolutely drop dead gorgeous spunk she dreamed of
how she pulled this one off was an uncertainty
yet there was one certainty firmly entrenched in her teenage mind
he was a dish
she jumped up on him
hugging him furiously
wrapping her long legs around his waist
all but falling over
Eric smiled
laughing at his crazy girlfriend
Was she always like this?
He wondered
Liz led him back inside by the hand
How is your study going?
she inquired
Yeah good replied Eric
Well let me take a shower then I will hear all about
she said
not that she was stimulated at the thought of the French Revolution
Liz’s mind wasn’t too keen on wandering further back than 18.29 today
let alone 1879, over two hundred years ago
and Eric’s dissertation on the strengths and weaknesses
of Napoleons Bonaparte versus Ottoman Von Bismarck
was the farthest thing from her hormone injected train of thought



Liz peeled her stockings down slowly this time
taking time to remove her briefs
she sat watching
as the warm pee struggled out at first
then gushed from her young smooth slit
choosing to wipe herself at length
before entering the warmth of her shower
the wash was cold at first
her young body drinking in the flow
allowing the liquid time to heat up
as it wound its way from her shoulders
zing zagging across her pert breasts
her tight stomach
before cross crossing again
over her snatch
down her thighs toward her slender feet
she managed to catch some wash
pushing it from aside her hips
guiding it into the tight groove
up inside her pink hole
she needed to be fresh
to smell sexy
for her hunky historian
she laughed to herself
Oh Liz you’re such a card
a trick
as her father would say



It took Liz minutes to position her bra in the mirror
her breasts were finally standing up
pushing into the centre
exactly how she wanted them
the purple and pink thong
with boy legs glued to her thighs
rode all the way up her slit
with the V neck cut out
at waist height
exposing her short blond mound
Liz threw on her pink robe
well it was more like a mini dress
quickly brushing her hair
madly cleaning her teeth
sliding into some flats
and there she sat
on a high bar stool
above her studying love
making sure he was well and truly distracted

Can I get you something?
she said
opening and crossing her legs at the same time
ensuring her handsome catch was well in view
of her purple and pink sensation
her ultimate prize
the sexy tone in her voice moving slowly toward him
above his broad cheek bones
encircling his gorgeous green eyes
before landing below his wavy hairline
into his nearby earshot
I’d love to have something to drink
Eric replied
But I need to submit this by 6pm
and it’s almost three
maybe some lime cordial would be good
Sure said Liz
standing up
somewhat hesitantly now
her heart sinking well below her flats
down through the floor boards
and into the dirt below
I understand
she said
let me make you a lime cordial
she said
and I’ll be out of your hair
She questioned
as she slice a lime and added the cool water
Thanks darling
came Eric’s reply
somewhat annoyed that his train of thought had been lost
he couldn’t remember that European authors name now
was it J.P.?
he’d lost it
Liz’s Issey Miyake perfume was always his undoing
he thought
as she returned to place the tall glass at his side
I’m going to read my book for a while sweetheart
Liz said softly
If I’m asleep wake after six when you have submitted it
thanks honey
he said
returning his train of thought
Europe Grandeur and Decline
now I remember

Liz made her own lime cordial
then angled her way toward the bedroom
pulling back her fresh white sheets
drawing back her curtains
to lie
staring at her ceiling
in anguish
she had not wanted Eric
she had needed him
her body was shivering
alight with desire
she slid a finger between her lips
sucking on it slowly
taking the scent of the fresh body wash
along her tongue toward her throat
fuck Bismarck
she said to herself
screw you Napoleon
you pompous twat
and fuck you too Eric
well I wish I could
she mused
as a tear flowed across her nose toward her mouth
I just wish it had happened
she thought dejectedly
maybe he doesn’t really want me
she cried
as her pillow became wet from the free flowing tears
her hand slid underneath her breast
feeling out her young nipple
as she wondered what might of been
the other hand
finding it’s way into her thong
searching for her sweet spot
inside that tiny hole
she paused
returning her moist finger
back between her lips
she was wet now
her young dripping body
forcing open her legs
begging her to enter
her smooth and hungry slit
to let all her beautiful juice out
as she rubbed her swollen clit
watching all the time
trying not to spill the lime