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Taken in the backdoor, by Lily Taboo – a summer series review, by Sasha Holden

If your looking down the list of amazon erotica in search of something a bit taboo, then this summer short could be right up your alley. It definitely was right up mine, so much so that I had to take it all in at once, without even having time to hop up the to turn the light on.

Lily, Taboo’s leading character enjoys feeling sexy and dresses accordingly. Tight tshirts to accentuate her stunning breasts, and tight jeans to highlight every piece of her gorgeous young ass. Though she has never taken her jeans off for anyone. Most of her time is spent taking them off and dreaming of the one thing she’s knows she can never have, her step daddy inside her.
I enjoyed this quick read from Layla Taboo. She produced just enough sugar in the opening pages to keep me guessing. Then later on when she brought out the dessert I tasted the heat that Lily had inside her. The heat that she had been waiting years to let out. Lily’s character was both likeable and realistic, as was the story, which all came together at just the right time.
If you like your taboo to keep you engaged right until the climax, then this is the read for you.  I’m actually looking forward to when Lily rolls over and turns the heat up again for me this summer.