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Maria slowly dressed
taking time to brush her hair
slide on her black stockings
lace garter belt
thong and bra
her blue skirt and white shirt
complimenting her dark hair
accentuating her beautiful red lips
allowing her long neck room to breath
and affording her breasts enough fresh air for Antonio to drink

Finishing the balsamic salad and prawns
she poured the water
rearranged the vase
taking time to make her bed
it had been many years
since a man had entered her bedroom
the memories of having someone inside her were distant now
at best
yet Antonio her young handsome boarder
was soon to be home
perhaps just maybe he would enter her room
she had taken his gorgeous cock before
deep within her lips
and allowed his juice to flow from her mouth
before enjoying the taste of his upright shaft
yet her aged cunt needed him
the trip to Capri had wet her appetite for something more
something new
someone young

Antonio waved from the piazza kissing Maria on both cheeks
he placed his suitcase back in his room
and the mature woman and young man chatted
Antonio’s family were in good health in Napoli
he was anxious now to return to the sea
to earn a solid income
to put something behind him


Following lunch they walked in the court yard below
Took in some gelato from the piazza
then sat by the fountain laughing
occasionally holding hands as onlookers watched the attractive couple
Maria, the stunning woman she still was
alongside her tall companion
dressed in smooth slacks and a perfectly manicured Italian shirt

Upstairs Maria was unsure of how to approach Antonio
the young man himself was sitting uncomfortably on the couch
as Maria joined him in a glass of Pinot
she leaned forward breathing softly upon his neck
then sat back watching
as the boats lulled up then down
pushing forward and backwards
their chains talking with the buoys
as the tide ebbed and flowed in tune with their conversation
Antonio’s strong chest challenged his buttons
with his broad shoulders pushing Maria further into him
she listened as he spoke quietly now
of his childhood
his teenage years
and of his journey into manhood


Maria then lifted her leg slightly on the couch
allowing Antonio’s eyes to catch a glimpse of her garter belt
her black thong in clear view of the handsome young man
she noticed his cock moving in his slacks
aroused by her wanton body
Maria took the lead standing up and guiding the young Italian
effortlessly into her bedroom
lying on her stomach she slid the young mans hand
high up her legs placing his fingers firmly on her thong
he began rubbing her slowly feeling out her slit
before sliding the thong sideways
to wet his long fingers
Maria pushed back gliding them deep in her hole
his two fingers moving slowly
heating her up even more
reaching her arm around behind her back
she lowered his head down to lick within her cunt
to pull her clit out from her mound
sucking it with his lips
softy biting it with his teeth
Maria pushed him in deeper
his fingers making her come
the feeling of pleasure consumed her

Maria now needed to take him whole
to capture her handsome young lover
to satisfy her goal
she undid her straps then pulled down her silky thong
stretching out on her elbows
Maria held her ass up high
unbuttoning his pants now Antonio grabbed his cock
sliding his wet fingers along his shaft
watching as she rose
his eyes wandered above her stockings back toward her slit
where he slowly brought his cock
to tease her just a bit
he rubbed his fully erect rod up then down her slit
watching as the juice gently flowed onto it
then the young man could wait no longer
he entered her steamy hole throwing his head back
the pleasure continued to unfold
ram it into me
she whispered
fuck me with your stiff hard cock
to which he thrust in deeper still
slowly and in sync
with Maria’s slender hands
pulling open her pink
the hole became too wet for the young mans cock to grasp
so he lowered a finger down
to penetrate Maria’s ass
reaching the bedside table
he splashed on some hot clear oil
to loosen up the tight hole
he was eager now to spoil

Again Antonio handled his young cock
guiding it toward Maria’s ass
slowly Antonio
she said
as if the young man were in class
so he took his purple rod
releasing his throbbing vein
from the clutches of his hand
into Maria again
slowly he entered her ass
slowly he started to win
Maria was thoroughly delighted
his shaft pushed even further in
she tingled deep in her cunt
as her hand began rubbing her clit
Antonio too lowered a finger
sliding it into her slit
with her finger rubbing her button
and another sliding into her slit
Antonio withdrew his cock
to pause for just a bit
turning ever so slightly
Maria angled her head
fuck me in the ass Antonio
fuck me in my bed

With that Antonio thrust forward
to give Maria her much needed fuck
he could hardly even believe her beauty
let alone his luck
Maria’s tight ass took his cock whole
her walls strangling his shaft
whilst he mounted her on the bed
she dug her knees in deeper
to give the young boy his head
fuck me harder Antonio
fuck me deep in that hole
slam it into me now
give me your stiff hard cock
Maria bucked and writhed
sucking in the young jock
until he thrust up even deeper
high up in her bum
shooting and spurting his juice
releasing a massive load of cum
he moaned and almost yelled
Maria you are so beautiful he said
I love being deep inside you
Thank you for taking me in your bed

Maria fell on her back smiling
looking up at her handsome beau
her legs were still slightly shaking
from her pussy down to her toe
with one hand on his shoulder
the other caressing his chest
she laughed together with him
that was so much fun
yes that was the best


Later on the balcony
fondling a cigarette
Maria gazed at Antonio
as his eyes wandered up from his glass
she had loved having him inside her
she loved his juice deep in her ass
another glass for you Antonio?
another glass of Pellegrino?
Maria leaned forward to kiss her lover
to softly be by his side
you are beautiful
she said
my handsome Antonio
thank you for loving my body
thank you for taking it slow..