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I could feel the apricot body wash
between my shoulder blades
angling through the small of my back
to where my upright ass lay
wanting to capture the liquid
I lay my palm out flat
with my index finger outstretched
to lather around my tight butt
my other hand gently moving
beneath my landing strips cut
to softly smother the lips
encircling my fingers bent
as backing into the showers glass
I drank in the apricots scent
loving the taste of the nectar
between my moistened thighs
I lent back and sighed with pleasure
before slowly closing my eyes

Within moments I was in bed
asleep now to the day
perhaps I heard the car door
I can’t recall either way
feeling something soft
something moist between my cheeks
I pushed back to meet his tongue
deep beneath our sheets
soon my ass was alive
being lifted then entered from behind
spreading my cheeks further open
blowing my horny mind
rolling over on top
his tongue inserted further in
I sucked on two fingers quickly
then entered the folds of my skin


Lick my ass baby
fuck me with your tongue

stick it in my lover
fill my dirty hole
open me like a slut

lick me like a mole


And with that he drove his tongue forth
deeper inside my love
looking down I noticed my clit
standing out from above
throbbing swollen and wet
as hard as the thickest cock
I rubbed it with a fury
as his tongue drove into the tight
take my juice
I moaned
gushing with all my might
Fuck me with your tongue
I screamed
Lick my tight pink ass
drive it in me baby
open my gorgeous pass

Then shooting forth I came
squirting all over his mouth
loving the sexy feeling
of his lips against my juice
twinging and pulsating in spasms
tightening at my butt hole
loving the stimulation
of being his sexy blond mole