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Jillian walked on
the middle of the promenade was half lit
Autumn leaves scattered in the breeze
as her brisk steps continued
clutching at her cardigan
searching the sidewalk for onlookers
there were none

The key finally met with her locks center
to open her door once more
with her hallway light now on
and the clothes rail
near and in sight
throwing down her scarf
running a bath
to close out her night

The film was entirely relaxing
film noir was her friend
the restaurant polished and fun
her waiter had noticed her she thought
but it was over before it had begun

How had she ended up single?
A place she did not want to be
everyone else was in love
with their children over by the sea
stuck in the inner city
ageing and losing her looks

The bathroom mirror kept watching
in tune with her every step
lighting two candles above her
she lay there alone and confused
smiling at all of her failures
to keep herself amused

How did I end up single?
A place I did not want to be
When would the blue sky appear?
To once again shine upon me

Then just as the water ran cold
her memory began to fade
the collection of broken loves
all wandered outside in the shade
she dreamed of her shining knight
in armour he now appeared
he was more than an apparition
he was a lover to hold her near

Resting her softly upon his shoulder
he carried her back through the rain
out through the Autumn corridor
back where it all began
she nestled her cardigan in tightly
and drank in his calm even breath

Where he stood her now
straight and upwards
to take in her brilliant eyes
as he lifted up his hands
to touch
then kiss her inside

The hallway light remained on
though she never did return
her knight
had finally arrived
at the final gate
before the last turn