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A twisted shadow, a broken day
it always seemed to end that way
once upon a time it was so grand
happy days followed hand in hand

The country was young and freshly varnished
its history to this day was untarnished
through battles of empire and wars of words
through blood and courage she fought the struggle

Standing on her feet was fine for a while
the people laughed and raised a smile
on the sheep’s back they rode the storm
exporting meat and keeping fires warm

While the white man continued to move ahead
the country changed and the people fled
materialism flourished and emptiness grew
til all that was left was the kangaroo

When at this time the black man came
he shouted and cried this is my land
the cockatoo shrieked you can have it my man
for all that was left were empty souls
that could never fill these newly dug holes

So he sang, danced and raised a thought
of all the objects they’d sold and bought
and he said to himself well what a price
to sell your self and give up your life