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the top of her ankles
glided easily beneath her knees
toward her thighs
against the breeze
as her skirt flew upwards
to torso height
uncovering her briefs
in broad daylight
he remembered the powder
she would smother on her ass
the body wash
she would slither inside
he remembered
her breasts
as they danced tall
watching from above
over it all
her neck sitting proudly
answering the call
of a gorgeous mouth
met with beautiful lips
then one button nose
with eyes gazing forth
his stare to hold
with her forehead
so straight
tall and proud
he found her hair
pretty yet loud
he longed for her skirt
to blow far away
far from her briefs
bringing her
his way
for he wanted to consume her
to eat her whole
to smell
then devour her
once and for all
his thirst was deep
his desire was keen
she was a paradigm shift
a surreal dream