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The photos leaned awkwardly
unable to stand up straight
her shower fell in gusts
distant toward the night
where flying foxes confused
the autumn evening chill
they needed to move north now
far from his lonely hill

The children sat eating quietly
attempting to read their books
as planes flew south
gently overhead
he could feel his body itching
anxious to get away
as she drew the shower curtain back
maybe now he’d stay

Her hair was washed and easy
sheltering her grin
flung open at uncertain intervals
dancing upon her skin
yet out within his night
the stars did swathe and sway
tempting him to enter
asking him to play

Should he move with the wind?
Or walk on back inside?
Meet the night time traffic?
Or forever lay still
and subside?
I think I’ll walk away
He said now to himself
the night time sky looks beautiful
I’ll keep it to myself