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The girls slowly peeled from within their party clothes
pantyhose and stockings aside they sat
eager to continue their night together
Kath lay on their sofa between Charlotte’s legs
they opened now gently to meet her touch
as the wetness of her tongue found some soft smooth love
in which to swim as she opened from above
playing beneath her girlfriends crown
angling her head sideways to dive deeper down
into the warmth of her lovers sweet well
caressing and licking as her dark hair fell

Kath then moved above her lover’s hairy mound
over her torso to higher ground
a finger for her breasts
then another for her mouth
eyes meeting eyes before returning south

As Charlotte spread saliva
upon her finger tips
then down into the pool she quickly fell
inserting her own fingers to play as well

Now as Charlotte  herself began to moan
Kath’s pussy began to scream
her fingers yearning
to enjoy her own slit
timing met timing

she’d have to wait a bit