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I awoke to the sound of a text message
it was Mom
she would be home at 2.00 this afternoon
I could smell Eric’s alcoholic breath
I thought back to last night
I licked my lower lip
some of his cum had hardened
I peeled it away
like shedding skin
then smelt my own fingers
I could not taste his cum at all
only my own juice
well up to my knuckles
I lay in bed listening
as two birds swam in the early morning light
dancing upon the surface
only to land in our tree
before kissing and sweeping out over the park
to fly back again
toward me

The wind blew my curtain open further
as the early morning sun began penetrating
entering my room to lie about the sheets
as I rubbed my feet together
keeping warm
my legs naked
I felt my pussy
it was dry again
rested from the events of yesterday
uncertain as to what lay ahead
Eric stirred as the light caught his eyes
he attempted to continue sleeping
before giving up
opening his eyes to wander into me
kissing me then he asked
How are you Liz?
I smiled
better now you are awake
I said
before hugging him around the chest
I’m sorry about last night Eric said
that was a bit random wasn’t it
carrying on a bit was old Eric
a few too many at the bar
I’m sorry

he said again
whispering now in my ear
as my leg lifted at the knee to caress his thigh
then move upward
touching the bottom of his penis
his shaft
it was hard!

I all of a sudden became nervous again
and retreated
lowering my legs to slide down neatly against each other
as I lay now flat on my back to stare at my ceiling
Do you have any plans for today?
I asked Eric
play with you
he replied
before rolling on his side to push firmly below my left breast
his hand then circling my stomach
then massaging my inner thighs
as it moved slowly
toward my tight young hole
I felt a sensation stir within my chest
a small amount of liquid
moving slowly
from below my breasts
washing underneath my rib cage
through my torso
below my navel
then gently I relaxed
as I could now hear the liquid released into my pussy
where Eric’s fingers now entered
then two
slowly fingering my tight young hole
as I lay back
eyes closed
only to release more juice
for him to slide through


That feels nice
I said to Eric
unsure of what to say
you look beautiful
he whispered
now softly kissing my cheeks
he then rolled over between my legs
to kneel between my thighs
as I prized my now legs wide open
for him to come inside
Slowly now Eric
I said
to allay my fear
catching a glimpse of his length again
a he moved now forward to steer
the knob of his wanton cock
toward my hungry hole
I’d never had him inside me
so as scared as a baby foal
I closed my eyes again
and winced as the ridge went in
slowly inside my pussy’s lips
further through my pink skin


Ooh Oooh
I sighed quietly
as Eric pushed within
before sliding slowly sliding back out
to enter me again
to catch some slippery juice
toward the bottom of his shaft
then opening my legs up further
he firmly held my ass
my knees sat bolt upright
my blond hair falling down
to lay upon my small boobs
to drift toward my sheets
as I began to find some rhythm
my ass writhing from its seat
I squirmed and moved my hips
as his cock leapt in then out
my tiny pussy felt better now
the pain had but moved on
as Eric now played with my boobies
I watched his long strong cock
appear then disappear with ease
as he continued to warm to his fuck
You look beautiful Liz
he spoke now
as I opened my cunt wide for him
feeling as his vein
swelled within my swim

Eric felt as I thought he would
my handsome sexy sort
he felt so strong and good
fucking me from above
as looking down I squirted
a gush upon his love
take my love cum Liz
Eric now yelled forth
as arching his long back
his cock kept pounding north
ramming with his pole
deep inside my hips
he fucked my tender hole
within my pussy’s lips
faster and harder now
his knob must have then touched
my ceiling or some skin inside
causing me to buck
and rock from side to side
as I felt some more juice escape
from further in my cunt
as It opened further to gape
just as Eric exploded
his creamy load up in me
as it slithered then spurted out


Swimming alongside my juice
dripping along the shaft of his strength
down his strong long cock
to rest above his balls
and slip then further down
back on top of my pussy
to lie upon my mound
my well cut little blond pussy
breathing in then out
as Eric crashed down upon me
to give me some more of his heat
Lowering my knees back down now
I continued to rub my feet
as his juice slowly leaked
to caress my little butts opening
reminding me of what had just happened
reminding me again of my jock
my gorgeous college lover
with his juicy morning cock
You feel beautiful
he said
with his hand now stroking my breast
as I lowered my finger beneath the sheets
down upon my bum
then back up toward my nose
now I could smell his cum!

My lover’s sticky warmth
slithering from within my hole
I had never experienced such a feeling
it was only the second time I’d had sex
but it was the first time I’d tasted cock juice
washing around inside
I needed him again
I wanted him to slide back on top
to mount my tight young slit
for this time while he inside
I’d love to rub my clit
I need to rub it now

I thought
as my lover massaged my tit
fuck Eric you turn me on
jump inside my hips
I had finally slept with him
I had finally hugged my man
this girl had done okay
I thought
as I caressed his soft smooth hand
I wanted to lower it back down
above my eager thirsty lips
to rub my hungry hole
my swollen throbbing young clit
but all of a sudden I felt nervous
I decided to wait for a bit