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Eric text to say he was at the bar
with the assignment now handed in he was free
at least for the weekend
after my excitement shopping
and then the Napoleon letdown
I was thinking tonight might be my night
but it wasn’t to be
as I lay in bed
thinking of him at the bar in his brown corduroy pants
his blue short and tan sports jacket
laughing with the history buffs
his colleagues
soon to be professors
I was disappointed
not upset though
I was still unsure of what it would be like
of what Eric would want
in bed
as you are aware I haven’t really even seen a boys cock
let alone touched or sucked one
when I lost my virginity in the dark hallway in a college dorm

after my school prom
I didn’t even see the guys cock
I just basically remembering something small and hard
pushing into me
before he squirted a yucky mess inside
my next memory is of him standing above me
to pull back on his pants
before hurrying  back to his buddies at the bar
It was cold
I was cold
I walked toward the kitchen with some trepidation
I had no slippers
only my small nightgown and some knickers
the last thing I needed was to catch cold
my new man was nearby
and knowing him he wouldn’t come near me with the flu
two cups of cocoa later I wandered back to bed
back to sleep
only to be woken by Eric
somewhat gingerly
What time is it
I said
Its late
he replied
Have you missed me?
he inquired
Of course Darling
I said
I mean have you really missed me?
he asked again
Of course I have Eric
I haven’t stopped thinking about you

I replied
A little unsure as to his line of questioning
I need you to need me Liz
Not just want me
he said firmly
Of course I do
I stressed
How much?
He questioned
I’ve been thinking about you all day
I said
when I was out shopping I couldn’t wait to return to see you
knowing you were home waiting made me so excited
after my shower I wanted to hold and love you
to be with you
I said
Close your eyes Liz

he said as if to cut me off mid sentence
now lay your legs out flat on the bed
Liz do exactly as I say
he said firmly
You need to illustrate to me how much you do need me
I then proceeded to lay my long legs forward
lower from their kneeling position
flat onto the bed
readjusting my small nightgown to cover my purple and pink knickers
he stood at the end of my bed now
fully clothed
sternly issuing directives
for me
his new young girlfriend
to follow

Now tell me again how much you need me
he said somewhat sternly
I always lie in bed lusting after you when I cannot see you
when you are studying
when you were at the bar tonight I longed for you to come home
to come home and be with me
I said
as if to plead to Eric
With your eyes shut
slide down you panties and slightly spread your legs

he continued
I was a little bit unsure now
to be honest
as you are aware I am inexperienced in the bedroom
I had heard of this kind of thing
but it did feel strange
I nervously lowered my panties
ensuring to keep my eyes tightly shut
as they reached my ankles
then the bed
before I slightly opened my long legs
Now show me how much you need me Liz
He said
with his voice still sounding as if it was in front of me
at the end of my bed
I didn’t really know what to do
what to expect
I cautiously ran my fingers up toward my nipple
trying to focus on how gorgeous looking Eric was
on his beautiful green eyes
on his light brown
almost blond wavy hair
his broad chest
his fit and lean torso
on Eric
the intelligent young man I yearned for
Show me Liz
he said
Show me how much you really missed me
in a louder
slightly inebriated tone
continuing to massage my breast nipple
I moved my other hand
over the small blond tussock of hair
that graced my mound
then lower toward my pink shaven lips
before allowing my fingers to slightly open them
and push anxiously between my crevice
up toward my clitoris
I thought you really wanted me home Liz
Eric said loudly from the end of my bed
I told my colleagues you were waiting
I truly believed you needed me
That you need me
I did not know what to do
I was slightly scared
Legs open
a fraction cold
eyes closed
and uncertain of the path forward
The way you looked at me today I thought you wanted my cock
Eric continued
I thought you needed it
Prove to me you want it Liz
show me how much you need it
I slid my lower hand now inside my little hole
it was dry and tight
I almost had to push through the wall to reach further inside
where I could finally my finger could finally feel warm
where I could finally feel some moisture
as I now focused even more intensely on Eric
on how much I had wanted him when I came home
how earlier that day I had cried
how my pillow had become wet from my free flowing tears
back to how my hand had slid underneath my breast
feeling out my young nipple
as I wondered what might of been
the other hand
finding it’s way into my thong
searching for my sweet spot
inside my tiny hole
I remembered back to wanting him
to how much I really did need him
to how much I really did long for him
only hours earlier


Lifting my legs open slightly further
with my knees now lifted from my bed
I lowered the hand from my breast
down toward my clitoris
above my other hand
as it continued searching within me
forcing its fingers higher
further into my tight little hole
I could feel some moisture leaking onto my long fingers

Dripping within them
toward my knuckles
with my eyes tightly shut I began quivering
my clitoris now swelling
needing for my touch
I could then hear Eric moving
his shoes were being unlaced
his belt buckle being undone
he sound as if he was now beside me
his voice body below bed height
I could hear his pants meeting my floor
his briefs then hitting the ground
as I pushed ever forward
massaging my mound
now opening up even further
furiously rubbing my clit
my tight little pussy soaking
champing at the bit
to have my lover enter me
to fuck my wanton cunt
to fill me with his cock juice
and end my needy plight

You do need me Liz
Eric said softly
now from alongside my bed
as he peeled back my blond hair
to whisper in my ear
you need your boyfriends long stick
to ram inside your hole
you naughty little girl
you dirty little mole
fucking open wider
you thirsty young slut
open up your asshole
slide a finger in your butt
taste my hot thick cream

he yelled now
with a scream
open your eyes and watch it
watch my fat load team

as lowering my hand further south
releasing a rush of juice
I opened my hungry eyes
to gaze upon his length
as he shot forth his slippery cum
with all his college boy strength
the hot sticky liquid
wet my nose and met my lips
as I felt my body writhing
to further open my hips
I brought my tongue forward now
to taste a slither of his sticky cum
as my juicy finger slid further north
deeper inside my bum
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