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50 erotic pieces cover

This time last year released my first online publication entitled 50 Erotic Pieces..you can find it on Amazon later today

Some of my followers will be familiar with many of the stories and characters…
As such feel free to comment or review the book online.

Just a brief note to say thanks for all your likes and wonderful comments since I commenced with WordPress and twitter in early 2015. It’s been a most enjoyable ride!

Love Sashaxxx

A brief description about the book 50 Erotic Pieces released this time last year is included herein:

Yet again, loved it! You have this way with words which forces the reader to live them…

This collection of 50 erotic pieces takes you through a journey of lust, desire and ecstasy, as your most intimate thoughts are laid bare. Wanton desire meets exultant pleasure as time after time you are touched deep inside, in places you only ever dreamed of entering.
The popular Lips, Unbelievably Sensational, The First Time, Swimming, In Times When I feel Cold and Open a Little Wider are all included in this erotic collection. Intimate moments from Sasha’s erotic story characters Liz, Sarah, Malcolm, Maria, Antonio, Cal, Jenifer and more are also found within the pages, wetting your appetite for more. Sasha’s appetite is wet too, on more than one occasion, as we look inside and explore her most intimate moments, first hand.

Erotic fiction, short stories and erotic poetry intertwine to create the ultimate bed time or travel companion. This steamy collection is the perfect erotic gift for women and men of all ages.

*Warning – this book contains explicit sexual references including but not limited to anal, oral, young, mature and consensual sex, masturbation, straight, lesbian, transsexual and other adult themes.