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The younger man approached from afar in his car
a late model Jag
or similar I thought
asking directions into town
politely at first
the heat now oppressive
gripping at my shirt
I offered him a drink
a seat then my attention
undivided at times
before wandering further out
searching his eyes for something stronger
a feeling
a moment
where he may notice me
the aging rural woman
alone aside her tree
where I explained my situation
to this strange passerby
with whom I related
now engaging him in the eye
You’re almost at your destination
I let him know
It’s twelve miles west by road
five by the crow
yet with a car such as yours
I’d be reticent to walk
stay for a while lets sit and talk

As chance would have it
he had not booked in town
and he soon fell in love with my place
the more he looked around
the rambling country homestead
with her fence made of stone
where we walked and laughed
til evenings call
whereupon I made dinner
as he showered then dressed
returning to my guest room
to sit then rest

During dinner he spoke
of his ex wife
and his need
to head west once again
to recapture his life
returning to his childhood
near his boyhood home
looking into the past
divining his roots
loving the feel
the strength of the plains
wanting to reach out
let go of the reigns
to close his eyes
then reach out and touch
longing for his memories
needing them so much


Soon after dinner
a night cap and a chat
I retired to my room
to collect my thoughts
then sleep
the last man I had slept with
was 10 years dead
I needed to move on
to start living instead
instead of living in the past
of drinking through the years
through those melancholic nights
lined with sombre tears
yet something about my visitor
lit a fire within
I may have been somewhat older
though I needed to begin
to turn things around
to enter the flame
he provided the opportunity
if only I was game
rolling over now to lay out the night
my legs began to twitch
my tired thighs bite
itching at my slit
asking to be touched
sliding up then down
needing it so much

The curtains drawn
silencing the moon
alone in bed
my mind wandering through the room
he must have enjoyed my company
to sleep here tonight
he appeared well to do
educated and polite
there was something about him
I longed for his touch
gradually opening wider
needing it so much