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That eastern most point
on Van Deiman’s land
broken by waves
escarped by sand
where now two young surfers
surveyed the morning light
as two young lovers
held each other close
all windswept but serene
those seagulls slowly left me
in a glass like wake

A young girl approached
to sit beneath the palms
then undress to swim
against the new daybreak
black hair falling slowly
encircling one tall neck
beneath the water’s surface
she swam with beauty and grace
as I could but glance
in search of her young face

Similar to an apparition
too far away to touch
yet close enough to feel
this solitary girl
then as the light shone forth
upon her splendid face
those seagulls reappeared
to surround her naked stance

the surfers met their shore
the lighthouse disappeared
leaving me alone to ponder
where those two young lovers met
where they’d dined last night
and where they’d be tomorrow
to meet the morning’s light

Would tomorrows light shine so brightly
or provide the same escape
as today’s sunny
windswept morning did
beneath Byron’s rustic Cape