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The engine sounded early from below
grinding through the gears up another rise
out onto the highway past my window
machinery moved on
to another earth moving site

Fishing boats eased their way on and outwards
the sun
barely catching their gallows
calmness flew over the water’s tide
timber hulls
slicing at the salt water

A solitary bird
fought against the city
garbage trucks
angled their way down Smith Lane
clattering forth another Wednesday
opening her eyes to the world outside

Cattle sat beyond a half open water tank
beneath the foothills of the orchard paddock
awaiting the rain to blow again
slowly arriving
from the eastern coat

Walking alone through these country streets
the banks of the Clarence standing further out
buildings of stone
awake on every corner
the paper boy searching for another post box

milk with one sugar
lightly covered in a pool of milk
brown above moist below