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the tip lay above me
somewhere between my breasts
as they pushed tightly together
gathered in by my palms
I looked into him
toward the eye of his stiffness
waiting in anticipation
for what lay ahead

tightly he held on
before thrusting further out
bucking and shooting in ecstasy
moans silenced with a shout
wanting to touch my tongue
its all too sensitive now
I need to act quickly
to intercept the brow

grasping the wayward cannon
my lips found their throbbing prize
veins and juice colliding
taking him deep inside
flowing behind teeth then gums
pulsating on my tongue
exploding then splashing he writhed
unable to escape my lock
my lips then tongue and mouth
drinking now from his cock

the sweet lava only dripped
in spasms down his shaft
my hungry want for him chasing
his droplets to the last
with one hand on my lover
and another on my boat
my index and middle fingers
setting her afloat
sliding across her bow
slithering as they went
the swelling releasing more pleasure
till finally I was spent

with juice dripping down my thighs
and his manhood still in my mouth
my boat sailed through the heads
toward a dry dock further south
whereupon I could lie and rest
in contemplation of my lot
strengthened in the knowledge
I gave as good as I got