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I lay around Saturday afternoon exploring the website Girlsway. Site creative director Bree Mills has done a brilliant job compiling a host of female on female lesbian sexual encounters. Ranging  in content from stepmother daughter, to first time lesbian anal and gorgeous lesbian experiences, the sites eclectic feast of beauty, is all caught magnificently in high definition heaven.



Before too long I was searching through the Goodreads I wanted to catch up on.Harper Bliss’ ‘Wetter”, and “The New Girl“, quickly headed to the top of my list. In short Harper has a way of draining every morsel of fluid from your body from the neck down, in rapid time. As is the modus operandi of her characters, your nipples soon stand to attention, whereupon moisture quickly commences leaking from all the right places. Before too long your body is enveloped in a sea of ecstasy, as you struggle to find enough strength to turn from page to page.





Wetter, by Harper Bliss

Rachel, the central character in “Wetter” is a bit betwixt and between, if the truth be known. Her male companion Jimmy, (a great cuddler), and her cat Jamie, wait attentively for her return from the gym. Meanwhile Rachel is curiously besotted with the ab muscles clenching tightly to the chest of her spin class instructor Toni. A short and somewhat sweaty read later and the reader soon finds themselves embroiled in a dizzy situation.  For Rachel finds herself losing all sense of direction at the sight of Toni’s naked breasts in front of her during their sauna.

Needless to say erect nipples pave the way for erotic tension between instructor and pupil, as the sweat begins to flow from all quarters of Rachel’s pert young body. Overwhelmed and overcome with excitement and indeed anticipation as the gym is set to close, Rachel quickly takes the initiative. ” Fuck me” she pleads with her instructor, who is only too willing to oblige.

A short, sensual and captivating encounter, “Wetter” leaves you, the reader looking at gyms from a whole different perspective. No longer are they the “Dick fest” turnoff that awaits many of their female participants. Within the turn of a  page they become the answer to your wildest dreams.




New Girl, by Harper Bliss

Nina is the young 21 year old member of the Volleyball Team. And Liz, eight years senior, is the respected stalwart who is nearing the end of her career. Though she tries her best to remain focused, Liz is soon distracted by the firm legs of her teammate Nina. Before long one thing leads to another and Liz ends up bruised and dejected, as the opposition Volleyball catches her cheekbone in between one of several longing glances toward Nina’s position on field. “How embarrassing“, thinks Liz, as she gazes at herself in the hotel mirror of the room she is sharing with Nina after the game. Even more embarrassing could be the fact that the hotel room has only one bed?

Everything is sorted though. Liz has purchased some Blue Lace PJ’s prior to coming away to ensure no section of her body shall remain exposed. Skin on skin is not an option. Or is it? How can Liz hide her seemingly erect nipples from the gaze of her attractive young team member. And what about the looming moisture between her thighs?

I won’t spoil the party for you, the reader, needles to say that perhaps Nina saw it all coming. In more ways than one.