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I continued toward the resort bedroom
I could feel his arm taut as my hand led the way
the dressing gown chord tightly tied behind his back
yet his wrists did not appear sore or red
the end around his mouth was somewhat tighter
yes he could breathe
though speaking was out of the question

Laying him flat on the bed I straddled my legs over him
lowering my fingers to open the folds of my skin
resting my opening upon his now exposed length
sitting up straight to unbutton my blouse
before fingering aside the blossom bra
first the left
followed by the right cup
releasing my tender nipples
licking my fingers to moisten their face
strengthening to my touch
hardening before him

Slowly lowering my opening upon him
over his ridge
moistening as I slid further down
tightening around his shaft
squeezing as I fell
before opening my mouth 
then licking its long pink tongue
Whispering “fuck me darling”
‘Give it me now”

Then pushing my breasts together
I rode his strong firm pole
up then down I slid
dripping from my hole
moaning and screaming I came
writhing as I went
rubbing my dirty wet clit
till finally I was spent

“Thank you darling” I whispered
licking my juice from his head
my lips wetting his swollen balls
as slowly I opened his legs
my mouth engulfing his eager ridge
as I sucked him in deep for dear life
tonguing the eye of his manhood
loving being his wife

Then finally his hips pushed up high
and I felt his cream warm in my throat
sucking and sucking my love
his heat setting my own lust afloat

Throwing my head back I smiled
untying the chord from his mouth
releasing his sweat filled hands
to reach for my breasts on their own
sliding back down upon his love
“fuck me again darling” I moaned
within seconds my wetness splashed forth
dripping then squirting on our bed
coming and coming I came
again then again then again

It felt so yummy and warm
his gorgeous slender head
my insides pulsated and throbbed
as I orgasmed in a spasm on the bed