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The teenagers they now sat
awaiting her well prepared food
preoccupied with their phones
verging on the rude
as the door shut ever so quietly
he gradually then appeared
distracted by his day
unable to digest their words
perhaps they had said Hello Darling
or perhaps How was your day?
he didn’t much care for small talk
as he went upon his way
toward his beer then nuts and cushion
his well respected chair
an apparition to the teens
whom hardly knew he was there


Her attention slowly travelled
to rest upon the feet of her Knight
she now dreamt of him carrying her
far away
then out of sight
he lifted her high upon his bed
to lay petals throughout her hair
before slowly unbuttoning her blouse
to caress her abundant share
then slightly he lifted his lips
to meet her soft warm touch
skin upon skin she loved him
needing him so much