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I wrote a poem
for the time in between
those moments alone
without you and me
late at night alone in our room
searching for the sky
the evenings moon
where tussocks of wind
dance then play
through my lengthening hair
as I wander back then forth
within the breeze
dreaming of you
beyond our trees

Is the night being kind to you?
Or somewhat harsh?
I can’t bridge the gap
nor see that far
are you now smiling
or chasing shooting stars
battling the traffic
or drinking in bars
I miss London too
those cold early nights
not half as much as you
with your trench coat
in blue
I miss your brisk walk
ring me tonight
for I’d just to talk

I’d tell you if the stars
made peace with the moon
if all of our night birds
would gather round our room
I’d lay you out flat
in honour of our love
spreading hundreds of kisses
from below to above
perhaps even thousands
for my love cannot count
endless unfathomable
over and out
but I couldn’t end it there
without whispering in your ear
I love you so much
without favour
nor fear