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Derek thought of the garden
his roses grew freely between the heat and rain
a summer to remember kept marching on
his trees had taken as had her herbs
as she bent over quietly to water their stock
he held his glare
her legs, thighs and hair on song
beneath her summer dress lay a gorgeous pink thong
revealing the center of his now lingering lust
enter her shortly he surely must

Evening wine salad and soul
against the backdrop of summers lasting heat
soon he felt his own heart began to dance
to an anxious beat
her breasts met his glare
her torso his stare
the shallow nightgown for him to watch
washing their dishes exposing her crotch
lying in bed soon
out of his reach
asleep to the world
tired and hot



Derek turned their light on
to view her lot
legs outstretched
smooth skin laying flat
in need of her loving he could not hold back
opening his jeans to expose his peak
gently rubbing the head
afraid to speak
he stroked now harder
tuning into her snatch
longer stronger harder
in search of his catch
then strangling the shaft
to strengthen his lust
he came spurting and gushing
with a powerful thrust
splashing his love juice
in a pool above her crack
then gazed in silent awe
as it swam across her back