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Look into my eyes
what do you see?
Do you just stare into the distance?
Or simply glance straight through me?
Look into my eyes
my lover
what do you see?
I hope it’s me


How can I explain my lover?
He threw away the day
captured tomorrow
opened the sky
he laughed
spoke of sophistication
caught the fires source
broke the bridge then put it back together again
for me

Just to gaze at him
one look that throws me from inside
out to the street
then back inside
to meet
meet his hair
the single most point of warmth in that room
his legs
his strong arms
broad shoulders
beautiful neck
his iridescent eyes

He takes me away
I touch him
drinking in his skin
caressing his face

the last thought I want to remember is falling asleep
knowing his leg
is touching mine
knowing his hair
is nestled into my shoulder
feeling his waist pushing
on a slight angle into me
his breath falling slowly upon my neck

Look into my eyes my lover
What do you see?
I hope it’s me