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Her feet moved rather slowly
her ankles feeling cramp
up the oncoming rise
sweaty verging on damp
the children following her footsteps
one by one they came
in search of what lay ahead
scared of pending rain
for their house was ridden with leaks
wet rusty then old
inside they huddled together
unable to escape the cold
blankets covered with mould
feet unclean at best
struggling to provide enough light
she went to bed then wept



What would become of her flock?
Her brood her offspring at foot
What would tomorrow bring?
Much of the same rang her clock
when two children cried in her stance
she arose to attend to their needs
yet the sun had already set
the dye unfortunately cast
her life was albeit over
crippled by her past
the flickering light in her bedroom
was the only constant she did know
if only the light would turn on
to ignite her inner glow