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Maria felt anxious
on edge almost
she had taken Antonio
enjoyed the intensity of him within her mouth
the throbbing pulsating feeling of his vein
sliding inside her lips
parting her mouth
caressing her tongue
he had even thanked her

The trip to Capri had been romantic
they held hands on the way back to the boat
laughing as they gazed in awe
toward the clifftops of Sorrento
her stomach being comforted by the young mans hands
reaching from behind
to soothe her knots away
delivering in return only smiles
as his mouth perused her neck
sending a tingle down her back
and beyond
Maria’s dress fighting the incoming wind
only to open again
exposing her wanton breasts
her beautiful soft skin
her heart

Maria had not enjoyed Antonio yet
she was nervous
he was young, strong, fit
his lean arms
a symbol of youth, determination and confidence
however it was confidence that Maria now lacked
surveying her own body
she found breasts that sagged downward
as opposed to up
her hips carried with them the weight of age
embraced by gravitational issues
in need of repair
her vagina
and from where she sat
Maria tried again
to erase these fears

Would he lie underneath her?
as she lifted her skirt
lowering herself slowly
upon his handsome mouth
his young firm lips
his healthy tongue
allowing her juice
her gorgeous sensuous nectar
to flow into his being

Would he bend her over?
lie her on all fours
straddle her from behind
thrust his hot shaft high up within her
in her hungry, eager hole
riding her hard
driving his youth
deep inside her cunt
as she bucked then moaned
before collapsing in delight
dripping furiously from her lustful bounty

Or would he just watch?
watch as she parted
her hairy slit
opening her legs
diving her fingers
in then out of her thirsty hole
sliding into the pink
for him to visualise
in slow, slow motion
only stopping to ease a finger south
toward her sensitive tunnel
before reigniting the flame
high up in her flesh

Maria grew impatient
she looked in the mirror
only to turn away again
he was young
he had his life before him
he was walking into the future
Maria felt tired
tired of looking into the past
almost frightened to touch herself
to uncover the prism of self doubt
but he had thanked her