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The men sat drinking drambuie
as the deck hands mended the nets
whilst the grandchildren played on the wharf
some of the boats made their way home
yet most were idle
sleeping out the day
from Maria’s apartment she could hear the laughing
she drank in the talking
collecting her thoughts for the day

lying on her bed Maria dreamed of earlier days
her black hair sailing in the breeze
the sand swallowing her feet
her breasts standing tall through her top

looking downwards from her pillow Maria paused
her breasts sagged
her stomach
no longer taut
her legs
the firmness had disappeared
with her hand she massaged the oil in
salivating her nipples
smothering her torso
as she slowly parted the hairs from around her hole

choosing to slowly rub her long, moist clit
her back straightened
the pleasure made her slow
her desire strengthened
she decided to let her fingers in
sliding and penetrating deep through the juice
Maria leaned back
legs open
nipples wet with oil
cunt dripping
she began
faster and faster she fingered her hungry hole
two then three fingers
diving into the pink
her second hand wandering

licking her other fingers she moved further down
taking the juice to moisten her butt
as two fingers entered
another retreated
her cunt fingers removed to loosen her bum
with one deep breath later
she started to cum
over her fingers and out from her slit
gushing now sweetly
toward her wanton butt
where her finger still toyed
in love with the juice

the curtains blew outwards
then back to within
as her breasts bathed in sweat
flowing down her skin
back over her mound
to her warm soaking slit
dripping down her thighs
to lay beneath her ass
Maria leaned sidewards
reaching for her glass
the wine meeting her lips
then wetting her throat
as she swept her hair back
to return to the boats