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Your skirt rose slowly
to the top your thighs
bending over now
one sweet clean slit
met my gaze and warmed to my touch
moist, wet and dripping inside
eager for my finger to quickly hide
sliding down to lick at your snatch
tonguing the hole anxious to catch
one more bite at your swollen clit
another touch
of your firm erect tit
open your legs
let’s begin
push back harder
take me in

slide it in slowly
my beautiful man
she softly whispered
moving her hand
well below my butt
to play with my balls
how I can start slowly
when your fingers and all
the touch of your hand
the smell of your scent
continues to drive me
closer to the edge

just take it out slowly
hold it right there
stroking herself now
rubbing between the hair
all over her button
her mound and her slit
then opening herself up
she inched forward a bit
I’m ready again
try and hold on
I love you darling
she said before long
but it was all too late
I gushed out my cream
the heat of her cunt
just too extreme

the gushing and heat
of my own spurting load
reached high in her hole
she too did explode
writhing and kicking
struggling to stay put
booting at my legs
with her outstretched foot
then all at once
as if joined at the hip
we both burst out laughing
before smiling a bit
falling down slowly
to kiss her sweet breasts
taking time now
to take a rest
it all just occurred to me
it was written in her face
with all her dignity
coupled with grace
I loved her more than
ever before
her light guiding me home
back to the shore