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She had known his Uncle
Napoli or Naples
as the tourists called it
wasn’t far
and here in Sorrento he needed looking after
at least during the week

take a shower
she said
I will pour you a beer
before long the young man returned
dripping from his now wet hair
black in colour
long in length
leaning toward the bedside table
handing him the glass
he drank

from beneath the glass
her hand disappeared
under the towel to draw out his cock
her dark hair now upon him
obscuring his view
within seconds his shaft
was taken from his sight
the young mans body
could barely but stand
his entire being swallowed by her hand
the touch of her mouth
too overwhelming to explain
the wetness of her tongue
driving him insane

With her right hand still busy
Maria moved her left
lowering the sheets over her breasts
to down beneath her stomach
where her hairy snatch did lie
moving now forward
her pink slit
caught his eye
it was all too much
as his cock thrust in
deep in her mouth
could this be a sin?

within seconds he ejaculated
shooting it out
Maria slowly guiding it
further south
to spray her sweet nipples
round and erect
creaming all over stomach
then back to her neck
grabbing his cock now
he unloaded on her snatch
the juice slowly dripping
for her fingers to catch
as she lowered her mouth again
to swallow his head
stemming the flow
from over the bed

Thank you Maria
the young man said
turning away now
moving from the bed
drinking now slowly
taking it all in
a feeling that good
could never be a sin