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He lifted through the wave
then looked further out
they were diving in the distance
too far away to shout
soon the waves reappeared
to wash him back toward shore
his feet were somewhat uncertain
captured within the sea floor
Soon the others returned
to gather his thoughts back in
his elder brothers and sisters
in tune with his new found grin
for the warmth of their kindness
incepted his anxious soul
delivering him their love
returning to days of ole


Holding hands
and hugging wet swimmers
then kissing salty lips
drying his short blond hair
readjusting the swimmers upon his hips
as the sound of crashing waves
soon distracted the lighthouse beyond
once again they retreated
back into each other to bond

For blood on blood ran deep
and despite his tender age
he was aware of the need to connect
with his family whatever their stage
impressed by the hot beach sand
he stood gathering their thoughts as one
their beach umbrella stood proud
his life had just begun