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Every now and then an exciting opportunity comes your way. Mine came this week with the opportunity to pen a story for “Frolic Me”, the exciting new website taking the world of erotica by storm. My story entitled “So Smooth” centers around the characters of Lauren, a recent medical graduate, and her mentor and man of the moment Jay Smooth, or Dr Smooth, as he is known. Lauren is taken aback by Smooth’s charismatic charm, not to mention his chiseled jawline and penetrating stare. The thought of spending a weekend away with Dr Smooth to present a paper on medical stem research at a Conference has Lauren more than a tad distracted. The fact they are spending the weekend together in the atmosphere of a cosmopolitan guesthouse doesn’t assist her plight either. Needless to say her new cream panties are well and truly worn in following her breakfast briefing on day one of their sojourn.

I shan’t spoil the fun needless to say the film “Breakfast Briefing” forms the prelude to Frolic Me’s intimate film “So Smooth“, a production that  brings Lauren and Smooth together in more ways than one.

Take the time out to visit Frolic Me in the coming weeks and sign up if you haven’t already. Frolic Me’s content is both creative and artistic  at the same time, whilst its erotica is heavily weighted toward couples, as opposed to the stereotypes consistent with more mainstream male dominated porn related websites. For sensual stories and beautifully shot erotic films, you can’t go past “Frolic Me”. Make the lifestyle change today, its just So Smooth”.