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Sasha loved being with Jack
kissing him
walking with him
catching a film
just talking at a restaurant
driving through the country
on a sunny day
holding hands
and smiling into tomorrow

With her black stockings on
sasha slid her panties down
exposing her neatly trimmed pussy
for him
to lick
to caress
with his tongue
she played with his hair
occasionally looking up
as his tongue opened her slit
to dive into the pink
then retreat again
toward her swollen button
his cock now hard
roll over
e said

Sasha’s cunt glistened
in front of his eyes
on hands and knees
she waited
his long shaft
toying with her opening
she wanted to touch it
to fulfil her desire
his hand now reaching hers
pulling it away
she ached
longing to fondle the wetness
as he thrust forth deep inside
far into the chasm
that made him whole
she pushed back hard
grinding on his cock
up then down

Jack moved his arm
under her torso
finding her hand
to finally set her free
beneath her neatly shaved mound
he softly placed her finger
driving all the time further
in then out
give it to me
sasha whispered

sasha’s cunt began to moisten
her juice in need of escape
as he moaned
even louder
to loosen up his load
she felt the explosion
of warm shooting cum
searching within her
touching her love
high up in her hole
within seconds she too squirted
in one powerful rush
far past his shaft
her inner thighs and legs
her stockings now soaking
drinking in the juice
she fell to sheet face
in a quivering heap

together they then buried
their faces skin to skin
his breath upon her neck
his forehead on her chin
she loved him in that moment
overwhelmingly and beyond
the excitement so intense
the passion just so strong