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I had spent some time last night
manicuring all the necessary items
bathing to the nth degree
re acquainting myself with the new hair straightener
I had phoned him and said I was waiting
that I couldn’t wait to see him
the new pink see through top looked stunning on me
even if I do say so myself
I did not even touch myself
except noticing my firm nipples were erect
pleading to be set free of the new negligee
before I drifted off to sleep
but that was his job
I thought to myself
as my feet met the cold apartment floor
searching soon for the bathroom light
fuck the agency
I mouthed
to the bathrooms now lit mirror
and fuck all those models too
for stealing my man again
okay so maybe we needed the money
but I was annoyed with him either way
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I was going to ambush him
take control Sasha
I thought to myself
whilst grabbing the matches to light the burner
the oil swimming on top of the plate
heating up the morning air
as it sang and danced upon the concave surface
I felt like making coffee
perhaps letting him sleep some more
but my insides were now screaming
to have him like a whore
to open myself up wide
and grind away at his pole
to practically break his rod
as it fucked my dirty hole
I needed him inside me
I needed to feel his touch
the intimacy warmth and feeling
I’d been longing for so much
not knowing where it was originating
this filthy, dirty desire
this pent up unrequited frustration
setting my insides on fire

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I pulled our sheets now back
and splashed the oil upon his legs
massaging his inner thighs
then across his gorgeous butt
kneeling upon our bed
as the warm oil left my hands
to caress his lower legs
causing him to stir
then slowly move his head
from one side to the other
before drifting back to sleep
unaware of my swelling hunger

I massaged the warm oil further
toward his inner crack
then gently along the surface
of his tender exposed sack
then parting his legs further open
I lifted the sweet nightie up
then threw my own thighs apart
to straddle him with my legs
before leaning over forward
where my pussy met his butt
opening and oiling my slit
as I rocked from front to back


Soon I felt my clit
igniting upon the oil
soon I felt some juice
releasing through my toil
I noticed my lovers eyes open
as my hands spread wide my crack
before resting them upon his warm body
his now oily lower back
straddling and writhing legs open
grinding away on his hips
I felt my thirsty clit
swelling beneath its wet lips
I wanted to swell like a cock
to fuck him deep inside
I needed to take control
I needed to restore my pride

I wanted him to take my juice
to squirt and pee like a slut
I wanted to spray it all out
all over his oily butt
I felt so dirty and desperate
to squeeze my inner lust out
my cunt was moaning inside
about to quiver then shout
Jack then rolled himself over
against my moving tide
to spread me open with his fingers
and bury his cock deep inside
then on and on I grinded
with his long shaft touching my walls
occasionally meeting my roof
before slithering back down the falls
fuck me like a slut whore
fuck me harder Jack
open my dirty cunt hole
slide a finger up my crack
I suddenly exploded and bucked
then forced his rod back inside
thrusting toward my clit
my fingers longing to slide
across my swollen button
as I rode upon his head
the oil spilling over
upon our white
beautifully made bed


As once again I cried
fill me with your cum
finger me even harder Jack
finger Sasha’s oily bum
then high up in my chasm
he released a powerful spurt
my legs felt weak and damp
as I fell down into his shirt
hugging and hugging him tight
drinking in his scent
lathering him with my kisses
my pussy pulsating and spent
I held his throbbing manhood
to release his final drop
never wanting this moment
to ever finally stop
then nestling into his warmth
laying upon his sweet neck
whispering to myself
Sasha’s back on the top deck

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