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Justin watched as the sea breeze blew
between the glass panels on their balcony
riding up her stockings
to push her silk dress upward
to dance within the night air
only to then fall above her knees

Amy toyed with her wine glass
removing her lipstick from the crest
before leaning further out
to take in the evenings spirit
waves, crashing against their rocks
sand, angling in then further out
palm trees, bowing then rising once more


Justin’s eyes travelled above her waist
drinking quietly in her stance
before returning to his film
I should pay more attention
he thought
before returning as if in a split second
to the pending final scene

Wine in hand
approaching the tiles
a moonlit sky
beyond stars for miles
Justin leaned in
to romance his painting
his hands now indulging
lifting and straightening
to divine beneath the dress
her stockings then her briefs

Amy arched back
sensing some relief
as his finger met her wetness
her gorgeous love for him
tightening around his knuckles
to slowly take him in
nights spent swimming outside
then training within her gym
had prepared her for this moment
strengthening her every limb


Then Justin leaned slightly lower
removing her fully clothed legs
to part her tender beauty
reminding her of his tongue
in then out he manoeuvred
searching her wanton pleasure
up then down he canvassed
in love with her hidden treasure

In the grip of stronger wind
Justin felt his girl buckling
unable to stand without rescinding
her open hips leading to moisture
with one hand now deep in the swelling
Amy came screaming then moaning
as lips met his tongue then his thirst
in her powerful quivering burst

Justin moved further back
to capture his half naked bride
listening to her now anxious plea’s
to enter her deep inside
as slowly unbuckling his need
Justin was then captured by her warm
his firm butt aglow in the moonlight
his heartbeat racing before the storm