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Finally I reached the bathroom
I was breathing heavily yet I knew no one was around
Kevin looking at me again sent me right off
I quickly pulled my skirt down to my knees
Forcing my panties lower I prised open my slit
rubbing myself I began to feel better
still frustrated and hot I continued toward my clit
before diving inside my wet hole with two fingers
fingering myself recklessly against the bathroom wall
wishing it was Kevin
giving me his all
clutching inside my handbag
to remove my black hairbrush
I slammed into the pink
coming with a gush
fucking myself in a fury
panting and moaning on heat
squirting over my knees
screaming for more brush
opening even further
howling like a whore
sweating inside my thighs
now laughing with delight
If only he’d just take me
take me home tonight