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The rain flickered in spurts from the windscreen
their windscreen wipers only just keeping up with the downpour
as he rounded the final corner
finally away from the freeway
from Friday
traffic lights
and phone calls

Nosing the bonnet in front of the garage he waited
Kim raced out to raise the door and let them in
her skirt lifting and reaching for the stockings garter belt below
where it rested
until the door was fully open
Kim then flew inside to find the bathroom
as he followed with the wine
their Thai takeaway
and his briefcase

That feels better
Kim said
as she returned to the kitchen to join him in a wine
serve the Thai
and sit
Michael found his way toward the living room
to fire up the gas heater
before returning to sit
and eat with his attorney wife
they then sat aside each other on the couch
wandering through their week
chasing the lost opportunities
occasionally catching glimpses of one another
as the heater danced inside the screen
heating up the glass
then moving further afield
to touch them

Michael looked intently now
upon his wife’s long blondish hair
her long forthright neck
toward her green Pringle cardigan
inside to gaze briefly at her flesh
sitting upright within her bra
he lowered his vision slowly
capturing site of her long inner legs
as they rode with her stockings
high up her length into her thong

Kim turned her gaze toward him
she smiled
Lets fuck
he said
in a relaxed off hands
kind of a way
she looked away
angling her vision back toward the heat
No Michael
she replied
But why?
He absconded
we never do IT anymore
No Michael
she said curtly now
Not tonight
she said
before returning to the kitchen
to pack the Thai plates into the dishwasher
and head back into the bathroom for a shower
Not any fucking night
Michael whispered to himself
before lifting his index finger higher
to drown himself in the last remnants of his Merlot
He could then feel his pocket vibrating
he looked down toward the screen
now staring at him from inside his hand
It was Kathryn
from the office
What’s up
he said
Sorry to bother you Mike
Just a call to let you know they signed

Kathryn replied
That’s awesome news
Oh and by the way
you’re not bothering me
I was just about to bend Kim over the kitchen bench top
but I hadn’t quite started yet

he said
before hanging up

Kim returned
her pink dressing gown catching the wetness of her now damp hair
Would you like another wine
Michael inquired
she said
Thanks darling
Oh and by the way
Who was that on the phone
she asked
No one important
he replied
before unleashing the cork away from the wines head
Just some secretary in the office I’ve been fucking