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Taylor waited for the song to end
he stacked the washer
then left her to fend
alone in the dark
until he returned inside
to open the door
then heighten her tide

She had been different
eclectic in the least
open to indifference
spirited to the core
comfortable within
not searching for more
yet alive in soul
lust then desire
at one with her needs
in tune with her fire

For when Taylor lay open
awake and for him
there were no second chances
no false starts in the swim
he needed to act
or she’d shallow his shore
Taylor was a siren
a diva to be sure
lapping up the juice
dining in her scent
opening her legs further
angling for her thrust
he now looked lower
teetering upon the edge
whereupon she smiled sweetly
looking quietly up to him
t’was his turn to live dangerously
to forever sink
or swim


He hastened to act quickly
he suddenly swam ashore
his mind awash with doubt
lost in a a sea with her roar
before too long he hid
quietly behind the rocks
Taylor kept on swimming
in search of her next fox

There was no rhyme nor reason
the boats continued by
Taylor anchored further on
in love with the evening sky
even he couldn’t answer his questions
unfortunately he couldn’t say why
why had he baulked at her gate
without even so much as a try