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Carrie walked up the long steps toward the landing
soon the breeze met the cleft of her shirt
a calm wind now drifted between her tired legs
invigorating her step as she marched on home

The phone rang twice
Cliff couldn’t make it
she showered
standing naked toward the yachts
as the nighttime sky left her pool
to dance within their hulls
to live within their masts


She sat legs upward
yet outstretched
one towel holding her wet hair in place
two droplets of massage oil
joined her fingertips
her clit enjoyed the attention
as she cradled at the wine

Cliff couldn’t make it
she pondered to herself
tonight she would sleep alone
yet not out on the shelf
for yes he did love her
and her dreams had come true
with her knight in shining armour
forever and anew

Carrie’s button now swelled
moist within her thighs
alight to her touch
enjoyed by her eyes
fingers now approached to lust upon the feast
pushing ever onward
toward her ultimate release

Carrie that feels good she sighed
thrusting deeper in
Cliff couldn’t make it
either way
she’d still win