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Don’t spoil me she said
as the dance floor approached
pushing against the lengths of hair that were hers
the scent to move him eternally
to eternity
with water at one’s side
moving slowly down a torso
upon thin sheets that night
brown eyes met him
yet twas all a dream
for sunlight shone through glass doors upon a theme
of a night where sleep had escaped
and love shone forth
she was beautiful he thought
as two glasses of the clear liquor stood in their front
ice towering over their surfaces
as they met one another

Why was she crying?
crying out to dance
to move
to live to flow
to cherish
to hold
to want
then meet

in the street where her coat had left him
on that warm day of winter
in a cold moment
the warmth of one night too intense to remember
or separate oneself from
he had loved her then
for she was the dancer with five clocks
a red army and black investigators guarding her soul
whence he had given to her the opportunity
to create anyone he had desired
yet only her face appeared
he kissed it
with one dream coming to life
falling back with one bite
a neck
her scent

the falling blind lay light on their future
which he had longed for
as one certainty
to eternity