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The boats had drifted further out now
Maria returned from her balcony
to slowly caress another glass of vino
her legs were sore
walking on the promenade at Capri in her heels was tiring
either way Antonio had left
it was Saturday night and his parents needed him

Maria needed to think
she thought of Antonio
of his handsome strong figure
the broad chest that he possessed
his long firm legs
his walk
Capri had been a delight
kissing him goodbye was difficult
yet it wouldn’t be for long

Antonio’s scent lingered on her shirt
so much so that she kept it on
she needed to smell him
her sagging breasts clutched at the shirt
wanting to break free
but it was Maria’s pants that were opened
pushed aside to enjoy the kindness of her fingers
Maria’s long gorgeous fingers
opening the hairs in her moist filled hole
she pushed her lips open
looking down toward the pink
dripping with warm fluid
her fluid
her juice
her wet soaking hole
pleading to be fucked

open a little wider

Two fingers pushed high on the wall
inside Maria’s aged cunt
she opened her legs further
spreading them as far as she could
fuck me Antonio
she begged
fuck Maria
give it to her
give me your juice

your load
your gorgeous……………cock
Maria bucked into a shuddering orgasm
her hands furiously entering the wetness
almost fisting her hole
fucking herself with a passion
fuck i need it she moaned
fuck i need it she moaned

releasing her fingers from within her gaping hole
finally allowing her breasts to be fondled
Maria cried
ever so softly