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The cattle toward the head of the creek were spooked
the horsemen had spoken to soon
bereft of cattle dogs they pushed on
tracks led them past one rusty bogan gate
beyond the timber yards into a sea of tall trees,
bracken fern and blade grass
either way the mist had set in
visibility was at a premium
his horse met the wire then stopped
before bucking furiously in search of an escape
falling down he landed
only to follow a trail of blood back to his mount
his colleague and his quest
to find these rogue steer cattle
in amidst the mist

shallow creeks
languishing vines and moss met their horses hooves
as they continued on
amongst broken bridles
blood and burnt logs
burying their heads against the incoming rain
looking for cattle tracks gutted with pain
he searched for their faces
as an opening did appear
yet only home approached
without even a bullock
nor a steer