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the morning was still dark
as you wandered out to work
stumbling through the kitchen
slowly finding your feet
soon you shall have left me
away into the world
drifting in then out of sequences
lost in the commercial swirl

yet soon it will be night time
as the weekend closes in
another brief interlude together
lost in the suburban swim
perhaps we could sit on the veranda
take in the evening breeze
you with your strong brown forearms
beneath those whitened sleeves

I never said I love you
I couldn’t find the time
I guess you were always there
I suppose you were always mine
yet what if things had been different
if I couldn’t read your mind
maybe I’ll tell you I care for you
perhaps I should make the time

It’s later now than I thought
I wonder when you’ll be home
I’m tired of pacing timber floors
of fiddling with this worn out comb
maybe things have been different
perhaps I couldn’t read your mind
I think I’ll tell you I love
it’s about time I made the time

the porch light overshadows your brow
your Friday evening smile
apologies and tired briefcases
as you sit now for awhile
angling for a drink
with some early evening breeze
sitting on the veranda
before rolling up your sleeves
I love you darling I whispered
caressing your forearms cuff
your all I’ve ever wanted
I just never tell you enough


later that evening the night fell
and our bed sheets soon peeled back
later that evening I kissed you
with a passion across your rack
I needed you feel me
to drown within my touch
I needed you to know I loved you
more than ever just so much