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Two birds talked softly
from the corner of my room
a toad tuned in
to liven up the mood
I could hear a motorbike
drowning out their sound
before the birds reappeared
high above the ground
in trees that dripped with rain
and early morning dew
speaking of a new day
for my own self and for you
would it bring solitude
or another round of haze
from which we could only struggle
through the never ending maze
oh but to break free
to just say me and you

Oh but to fly up high
above the morning dew
high above the treetops
for you and me alike
high above the birds
and the distant motorbike
perhaps we could again be lovers
more than just distant friends
maybe we could speak to each other
rather than messages send
if only the day would start
with an opening from the maze
where you and I could escape
from this confusing commercial haze

I want to see you as I did
I need to feel your touch
I just need a little escape
to love you again so much