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The night time played tricks with his mind
he wasn’t sure where she was
struggling to find her
then suddenly he awoke
in the middle of his dream
to find Sasha laying aside him
eyes looking into his
softly breathing then smiling
her hand brushing through his fringe
drinking in her scent
thankful for her touch
leaning forth to kiss her
loving her so much

As the wind caressed our curtains
massaging between his thighs
whispering “I love you”
drinking in his eyes
before lifting my hand higher
to lick his warm cream in
he had needed me to free him
to strengthen his long hard skin
arching back in exultation
in spasm once again
between the shadows and the light
wishing it was now not then

As looking toward the window
memories drifting through my room
the lover with awe and wonder
my one and only groom
filling me with song
with fire and with soul
as gently lowering my thong
where lust and pleasure lay
thrusting with a passion
up then down in sway
burning between my thighs
screaming out his name
climax after climax
crying as I came