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Nikole Bloom

Sasha has an interesting writing style that took me a minute to get used to. The story was written in poem form without any punctuation. However, once I got used to the style it added a fun element to the story. The story moves a t quick pace and is quite steamy.

Sarah is a gorgeous model who lives with the best friend and her husband, Malcolm. Sasha is desperate to be with Malcolm. She finds it tortuous to live in the same house and hear her friend pleasuring Malcolm daily. Sarah finds herself alone and in need of her own release.

Sarah respects her friendship and tries to keep to herself that is until the three of them go on vacation. Things change for Sarah on a nudist beach while they are on vacation. How they change, I will not tell you, but be prepared for the steam. The story is ultra-sexy with enough action to keep you flipping the pages.

If you are looking for an interesting short, erotic read this is just the book for you.

 5 stars

I loved this first time novella by Sasha Holden. I could relate to the main character Sarah’s need to reach between the walls and fulfil the feelings of lust and desire that are living within most of us. Holden told her story with understanding, affection, compassion, and most of all, a profound sense of eroticism. Her unique writing style is refreshing in its simplicity as you are swept along on a wave of ecstasy through moments of unparalleled erotica, without all the padding. The backdrop of the beautiful Australian Coastline provides the perfect setting for dreams to come true.

“The door crashed open, a howling wind forced Malcolm inside, to land in front of us,kissing us both within the wind, sand and salt”

Holden places you on slow burn in expectation of what becomes a tumultuous finale where no holes are barred. And I mean no holes! I could relate to Malcolm’s own wanton feelings toward his prize, and his sense of loyalty to his wife. A man caught between hidden urges and a need to do what’s right, is a man with some difficult decisions to make. Shall passion prevail? As the reader you are left with only one path. To stay on for the ride with these sensuous women, and ultimately divine Malcolm’s Prize.

My three only regrets are that Sarah’s parents didn’t stick around longer. They were characters. The second is that my name isn’t Malcolm. The third is that, as a previous reviewer said, there aren’t enough stars available to give this well written piece. Hot,Hot,Hot!!!