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Beth pulled her mini dress up
to rest above her thighs
she searched beneath her now wet knickers
with her wanton anxious eyes
her clit was strong and hot
she sighed an eager moan
“what was that she whispered”
returning to the phone
“goodnight Beth” he repeated softly
“I love you very much’
“Me too” she replied
returning to her crutch
before pressing the end button in
to hang up from his voice
then closing her eyes to picture him
breathing harder
without a choice

Sliding her second hand lower
Beth pushed her index finger in
the warmth now burning inside her
in love with her smooth moist skin
her middle finger followed
as she continued to rub her ripe clit
moaning bucking then writhing
before relaxing
face down now to rest
her fingers finding their way north
to slowly caress her firm breast

The distant traffic sounds
lingered through her living room door
as evening lights appeared
to drown out a busy day
longing for her lover
thankful for her chance to play
wanting for his soft warm touch
to anchor back her way