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Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 26 years old and am a fashion model. I come from Sydney Australia, where I grew up in a suburb called Darling Point, with my older brother Will, and my Mom and Dad, Sal and Jerry. I am currently single, having lucked out on the boyfriend stakes. First there was the philandering Rickie Jackson, what a dud he turned out to be. Then my stalker boyfriend named Rob Fletcher. Well Rob was a bit strange. Not to mention my all to taken with Trish modelling partner from Scotland, Dirk Jeffries.

Recently I have headed to the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne, where my best friend Jess is helping me out on more than one front. Jess herself has a bit of a confused past sexually. However now she is settled and content, in love with Malcolm, the gorgeous tall dark and handsome Member of Parliament for Melbourne.

All is not to no avail though; I think I have found my Mr Right. The only problem is he is married to my best friend Jess. The other problem is that I only found this out having lived with them for a few months. Actually, there could be another problem, now I think about it, Jess doesn’t mind sharing, but she isn’t much into giving. That is, particularly when it comes to my Mr Right.

So here’s my story, at least until last Tuesday that is.